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Jeffrey Hannan

Jeffrey Hannan in Fayence, departement de Var, France 2015Writer and digital user experience architect. I dabble in a variety of written forms but I prefer the novel: long-ish fictions that barter in equivocal truths and fantasies of what might be.


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(Semi) Recent Events

Guest Post (GoodStuffNW): "Goats Rule"
Feb 16, 2019
A visit to Steve Monahan and Lise Bueschen-Monahan’s fabulous Fraga Farmstead Creamery with Portland food blogger Kathleen Bauer: GoodStuffNW.

KRON-4 Interview
May 23, 2018
Not the sort of publicity one relishes: Coverage of my lovely Hawaiian homestead getting wiped out by the 2018 Kilauea lava flow in Puna, on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Trans, Immigrant Farmworkers Peel Back
'Layers of Invisibility'

NBCOut (NBCnews.com) - July 5, 2016
Profile of two transgender women working in California's agricultural Central Valley.

The Punatics
Volume 1: The Small White House on the Hill
Online serial novel

Set in a lush and somewhat fantastical version of the Puna District, on the Big Island of Hawaii, Prudence Overmeyer and her local Punatics live and love in the shadow of an active volcano.
2014 - 2016


The debut novel. Love and despair brought to you by Internet 1.0. Holden Caulfield meets Thomas Pynchon in this "sumptuous" paean to paying the rent. Available in all digital formats or on Amazon.com in paperback. Pohoiki Press 2011

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